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Castles In The Air

On a deserted beach, who can hear you sing? The waves roll in, the clouds float by, not even a bird to be seen in the sky... Peace. Quiet. Harmony. The sound of solitude, just the whispering breeze and the sea, Be…

By toomuchrose

One Song

Look into the silver air, beyond us all - one song. Listen to the distant sky, silent music for the eyes. Here - on earth - the air is a nebula of vibrations, an infinite orchestra, one symphony of sonance. We swim in a…

By toomuchrose

This site is for Opening Locked Doors and Perceptions:

The Vaporwave of Cyberpunk Worlds.. and Dystopian Cartographies... This is worth a glimps.. actually not as a feature.. just the sort of program to have on while music is playing and the t.v. is just a subtle background…

By PompPress

Songs of Queen

Reykjavik is located on Reykjanes peninsula which is on the Atlantic ridge and therefore constantly being teared apart. Luckily we have not had volcanic eruptions here for about 800 years but last Friday night that…

By Kuo

My Music Pages…

By refugedenied1

Workout playlist / Плейлист для тренувань / Плейлист для тренировки

Hi guys! Please advise rhythmic music for my workout playlist. Style and year do not matter. The main thing is rhythm! Something like this ⤵:…

By Kurai

Cosmic Blues

Ludwig van Beethoven…

By toomuchrose

Tayla Parx

Off the top of my head, what about listening to this song.Recently, I was interested in DTM, and I jumped from twitter on splice to youtube, listened to it, and really liked it!Her music is cool! As Robert Glasper…

By duna0323

Silent Music For The Eyes

The silence of late afternoon is music to the eyes, no bustling crowds or barking dogs just the languid song of birds and bees. From somewhere over rolling hills the silvery chime of a distant bell marks the hour and…

By toomuchrose

Ras Lipo - TF California (Prod By ItzJoeBeatz & Mixed By TubhanMuzik)

Ras Lipo - TF California (Prod By ItzJoeBeatz & Mixed By TubhanMuzik) Ras Lipo is kick starts the new year with a dancehall Drill titled ‘TF California’;

By mrrrdaisy