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Updating the Vivaldi Themes website

A few months back, I got a question from a colleague about the Vivaldi Themes… website:

By Thomas Pike

clock vs のコード

~$ crontab -l 0 * * * * /home/shell/clockvs/ ~$ cat /home/shell/clockvs/ #!/bin/bash declare -A…

By 8pf

Her Computer Stopped Working

My wife's computer, it as getting quit old, had been giving her problems lately. Sometimes the computer didn't want to come on and other times it would start but her monitor wouldn't come on. This time her computer…

By robrose

Put some squares on you home screen

I had a difficult love/hate relationship with Windows Phone (later Windows Mobile), but the one thing I miss is the tiled home screen. It was genius! But as an Android user, it's of course nothing that stops me from…

By Gaute Holmin

Tweaking This Blog

Watching YouTube videos like this have made me realize there is no good reason why my Vivaldi Blog should have large images. Smaller images are just as viewable and they load much faster. I try to keep the images I post…

By robrose

Hilfe zur Ausleitung von Giften aus dem Körper

Covid GenTherapie, Ausbau der 5G_6G Mobilfunkstrahlung und Lösungsansätze A.M. Hosta - 1.2.2023…

By hosta

Plateforme gratuite de blog Vivaldi

Quelle ne fut pas ma surprise de découvrir que proposait une plateforme gratuite de blog sans publicités, ni traqueurs !…

By any

Artificial Intelligence

There’s a revolution going on… We are at the very beginning and it is mostly described in terms of sensational news. But it’s serious.…

By Cezar

Starship Moves Ever Closer to Launch

Earlier this week SpaceX conducted a Wet Dress Rehearsal on a fully stacked Starship as it continued to move ever closer to the first launch of the the world's largest rocket. It doesn't look it but it is 395 feet tall…

By robrose

Ukraine Freedom

Standing with the Mockey is an Indian possession of Mark Corporate. Known as a 133 point buck from the collection and those opposed to the first lady of that administration. FDR is the administration but, hey, did you…

By pissedoffdad

ChatGPT writes a poem about Vivaldi web browser - not bad for ai.

At the openai prompt, I typed: "write a poem about the Vivaldi web browser" "Vivaldi, a browser so grand,With features that make it stand,Tabs stacked high,For easy eye,A true work of technology's hand.…

By slake