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Digitising Videos from an Old Camcorder

My family recently found an old "digital" camcorder, and we wanted to get the old videos (as far back as 2001!) off, to be able to view them from phones and share with other family members. Trouble is, despite the…

By lonm

The Online Meeting Axiom

Photo: 'Searching for Dawn' Copyright 2016 Frank J Casella - …The morning sun peeks through the trees behind a fence.

By fjcasella

Digital writing drawing pen tablet for eLearning and online Courses

Now, more and more schools, colleges and universities have shifted to distance mode, and online learning has become a new normal. many of us are wondering: How are we going to work virtually? And this is where newer and…

By mikemules

Getting more from OS

Fragmentation of files is there, it’s not much but it should be at zero level.User with admin password, it’s not the most elegant solution.No option how long is sleep mode on a laptop.File size is not what it should be…

By ipristy

So it's been a year

It was an extraordinary beginning. My first day at Vivaldi - on March 16, 2020 - was not like any other first days I've experienced. I showered, shaved and got ready for work - yeah - but I didn't leave my house. I…

By torotime

The Franklin eBookMan: Tech that deserved better

Today, we have our smart phones and tablets and Kindles and iPads, and all these other modern day marvels that monitor us and govern our lives.  But, you know, I still prefer my good ol' Franklin eBookMan to handle all…

By dbouley

History of the Development of Embroidery Machines

The embroidery machine is a tool commonly used to make thread-based application decorations with a certain pattern on the fabric media. This embroidery machine is said to have been first made in the St. Gallen area of…

By outofthebox


アイリスオーヤマが税抜4万9800円、税込5万4780円のPCを発売した。良くも悪くも注目度が高い機種で、すぐに完売したショップもあったようだ。  …

By qooga

Tips on How to Launch Your SaaS Product

In recent years, SaaS (Software as a Service) products have taken over the market and recent researches confirm that these applications are now meant to determine the future direction of the software industry. However,…

By aboutsaas

Keys to press, buttons to look.

On the left side is about 30 years old solar calculator that still works and on the right is laptop from 2020, why did it take so long to get calculator style keyboard and as far design goes, it's not there yet. I know,…

By ipristy

Great SaaS Website Design Trends To Follow

With the SaaS business model, companies no longer have to install and lаunch their software on their mаchines or data centers. This reduces the cost of purchаsing hаrdware, аs well as ownership аnd support, software…

By aboutsaas

Ranking All Major Browser's

I Ranked All Major Browser's, Here Are The Rankings. Watch The Video To Go Along With The Blog Post.…

By gyizr