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Unexpected Twists and Heartfelt Moments: Lessons Learned from a Train Journey

Embarking on a train journey from Chicago to Reno offers a magical tapestry of experiences, from the rugged beauty of the Rocky Mountains to dining in elegance amidst the rolling plains of Utah. As a Navy graduate…

By queeragent1

What Advice Would You Give An Aspiring Programmer?

If you were asked to give advice to someone looking to "learn to code," what would it be? I read an article the made me ask myself that question, and my answer is I would tell them to be ready to accept and be willing…

By observerherb

Broken Windows Updates

Photo by Ivan Vranić… on Unsplash

By Yngve

When all is Lost...Words are all I have

I live in a country where my language is not really appreciated. And by "my language" I mean English. Perhaps I am one of the very few Indians who may be called an Anglophile in the truest sense of the term. I live,…

By Lopamudra Bandyopadhyay-Chattopadhyay

Let's Forget It!

Let's forget everything and start again from scratch!…

By Cezar

Vivaldi Community Blog: Markdown to html fragment part 1 of 3

Of the 3 options I use for converting markdown files to html fragments, PowerShell is the one requiring no additional modules or libraries to be added while also offering the least flexibility (without doing a ton of…

By coach8264

Cryptography: Fundamentals and Applications

Secure data communication has been a fundamental concern in our digital era, where sensitive information is constantly transmitted over the internet and other electronic means. Cryptography, a science that dates back to…

By felipecarvalho

Rodinal Tango

Film photography can be awesome. It can also be frustrating. Usually it vacillates between the two states. Old-school dark room dwellers find a way that works and they stick with it. A single developer, a single film…

By 120

The Chronicles of a Linux user: A comedy of errors and commands

Welcome to the whimsical world of Linux, where the penguins roam free, and the commands flow like a cascading waterfall of cryptic wisdom. If you're a Linux user, you know that navigating through this open-source…

By Robert Trance

What Is A Beta Reader?

  A beta reader . . . is someone who reads an author's work (his novel, for instance) before it is published and offers him feedback (either general or more detailed information, whatever the reader chooses to give)…

By daletucker

Ahoy there ! Winter !

I am quite obsessed with low temperatures, fogs, lack of sunlight and everything that accompanies the brief and flitting Winter season that graces tropical countries. Although my country is diverse geographically and…

By Lopamudra Bandyopadhyay-Chattopadhyay

Coming soon : Seaport Academy

I'm excited to announce that I will soon begin serializing a new fiction project here! Called Seaport Academy! Once I get the first chapter polished up it will be released weekly! Check back soon for more…

By Tobias Gray