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Firefox don't "focus" new tab

open a new tab without "focus" in new tab ... stay in "main" page …

By awodore


The definition of judgement is to effect an opinion that has a correctable course. To say a person is seeking or has sought a demise as a foregone conclusion is not incumbent upon anybody to deliver them that end. …

By ninetiesearly

The Blogging Newsletters Problem

Photo: 'Making memories in the neighborhood' - Chalk on the sidewalk photo Copyright 2018 Frank J Casella - It's good to see in this day and age how kids in a neighborhood bond, and without the use of digital…

By fjcasella

Updating the Vivaldi Themes website

A few months back, I got a question from a colleague about the Vivaldi Themes… website:

By Thomas Pike

My pet bugs of Vivaldi browser and fixes

VB-91427 Frequent freezes after update 5.4(I think that is ad blocker related, because browser works on sites without ads). …

By ipristy



By tarosa

Plateforme gratuite de blog Vivaldi

Quelle ne fut pas ma surprise de découvrir que proposait une plateforme gratuite de blog sans publicités, ni traqueurs !…

By any

Vivaldi, the Browser I Won't Replace

Internet searchin', pages turnin' Finding something new, never learnin' Vivaldi, it's the tool that I choose A browsin' journey, no time to loose Exploring wide and far Vivaldi, it's my go-to star Surfin' the web with…

By pathduck

Ukraine Freedom

Standing with the Mockey is an Indian possession of Mark Corporate. Known as a 133 point buck from the collection and those opposed to the first lady of that administration. FDR is the administration but, hey, did you…

By pissedoffdad

ChatGPT writes a poem about Vivaldi web browser - not bad for ai.

At the openai prompt, I typed: "write a poem about the Vivaldi web browser" "Vivaldi, a browser so grand,With features that make it stand,Tabs stacked high,For easy eye,A true work of technology's hand.…

By slake

Прекращение поддержки устаревших операционных систем

Браузеры прекращают поддерживать Windows 7 и 8.1 в 2023 году. Ингве Петтерсен, специалист по разработке и безопасности компании Vivaldi Technologies, объясняет проблемы, с которыми сталкиваются браузеры и почему они…

By Kurai

Припинення підтримки застарілих операційних систем

Браузери припиняють підтримувати Windows 7 та 8.1 у 2023 році. Інгве Петтерсен, фахівець із розробки та безпеки компанії Vivaldi Technologies, пояснює проблеми, з якими стикаються браузери і чому вони припиняють…

By Kurai