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inch resting 📏💤

i am now a proud blogger 🎉 government house somewhere in north carolina i dont remember…

By macimas

WEB 4.0

A Web site should be a stream of data build with P2P packets. When someone is on the site and the same time uploads and share data. The idea is a dynamic site that refreshes it self if there is new data to present.…

By ipristy

Hyperlinked is out!

Hello to all! Yeah you too on background. Here is the theme reminder post.…

By DreF

A little Hello from Earth

This is my first Vivaldi's WordPress blog post page ever, please be indulgent. It's different from his subsequent as a snapshot of the moment, nTh blog post of a, could be true, emergent social network. Because it will…

By DreF

VB-91427 Browser randomly freezes

Can't do: scroll page Can do: click on tab, close browser…

By ipristy

Video Popup for Disney+

Disney+ web application disables video popup button for some reason. You can add a bookmark with the following content to enable it back.…

By yuce

Edge için arama motorunu değiştirmek

Edge'de varsayılan arama motoru yandex olarak gelir. Yada Vivaldi kullanıyorsanız DuckDuckGo varsayılan arama motorunuzdur. Arama motorlarının istenildiği gibi sonuçları vermemesi bazen can sıkıcı olabilmektedir.…

By enginsari

VivaldiPress - WordPress Wow!

That's a really nice use of WordPress guys. I've never seen it used as the publishing platform on a major community site like this. Very impressive. I don't know why no one ever thought of it before... but, it certainly…

By ajaxstardust

The KISS Principle

I don't spend hours trawling through our Forum, but dip in to it fairly regularly. When I do so, typically I see that I have "99+ Unread Items." Err....I think I'll give that a miss, thanks very much: I have never,…

By travellinbob

Why do web pages not stop loading?

You click on a link and it opens up a new tab. So it starts loading, and the screen stays white while it drinks the 60MB of CSS. And then it gets done with that, and you start seeing content poof into being. Except, it…

By terepashi

Стоп-кадр. Vivaldi на конференції Google I/O

Під час конференції Google I/O… організатор заходу анонсував, що браузер Vivaldi незабаром буде доступний на 200 мільйонах автомобілів з бортовими розважальними системами на базі Android Automotive.

By Kurai

Стоп-кадр. Vivaldi на конференции Google I/O

Во время проведения конференции Google I/O… организатор мероприятия заявил, что браузер Vivaldi скоро будет доступен на 200 миллионах автомобилей с бортовыми развлекательными системами на базе Android Automotive.

By Kurai