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Rameau - Castor & Pollux

Jean-Philippe Rameau - Castor et Pollux - Ouverture…

By Cezar


By A10c

Dream Girl Blues

Breath of life, the light sighs, we dream. She shines, Translucent, ephemeral, Appearing only to disappear into light, Into thin air. We sleep. Today is now, time is present, Memory waits... Moments, minutes, infinite…

By toomuchrose

2023年3月12日「第3回片山町内会 春のコンサート」演奏予定曲目

・序曲「バラの謝肉祭」 ・そりすべり…

By hccb

Sex Can('t) Be Everything: Music

If you were to tell me that I had to do without every invention of humankind save one, then ask me to choose what that invention would be, I would choose music. Not very practical, I know, but those sorts of…

By mikol

Leaving the nest, chanté & joué par Mirthe

Dans notre série d'extraits (débuts) de chansons, en voici un de " Leaving the nest ", chanson qui paraîtra sur le prochain album de Mirthe (compositions) qui sortira en 2023.Cet album d'environ 14 chansons sera…

By mirthemusic

My Favorite Things

This is a living document that I will update from time to time with new favorites and old favorites that slipped my mind when I first posted. Bulleted lists are in no particular order.…

By mikol

Michel Lambert - L’Arpeggiata

By Cezar

Completely Different Person

I was listening to music and the dialogue was sounding like Ben or somebody was making out or love to a girl from my old office. It was a strange but not surprising thing.…

By pissedoffdad

My favorite gadget

To choose a favorite gadget is an impossible task. I love gadgets, big and small, cheap and expensive. If you could argue that a bike is a gadget, then my eBike would probably win, but I'm thinking of something smaller…

By Gaute Holmin

Diana Krall Diana Krall - The Look Of Love 2009/10/08 :*:・( ̄∀ ̄)・:*: …

By duna0323