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Yes, everything was an illusion...…

By Cezar

Threshold - Monochrome

Sweet, silvery black and white of a tulip on sunlight. Photo: 'Threshold - Monochrome' Copyright 2008 Frank J Casella.…

By fjcasella

Beginning of the Winter

Photos taken yesterday in Cannes…

By Cezar


By meetzionad

Winter Sunrise Silhouetted Pines

Winter sky that indicates a snowy day in my Midwest hometown in Illinois - USA. Photo: 'Winter Sunrise Through Silhouetted Pines' - Copyright 2021 Frank J Casella.…

By fjcasella

All the birds

November In the misty light of a November afternoon the planet spins slowly towards another day, leaving the sun's light behind. Colours vanish into the ethereal blue of twilight, there is nothing in sight except the…

By toomuchrose

Pillar of the past

It should be worthy of praise to consolidate our former great attainments, as long as it does not make draining inroads into the soul life and make us sinister. If we wish to stay on the heights we have reached, we must…

By Cezar

The Global Christmas Carol

God bless us, every one! Now is the winter and everyone is discontent, made worse by the global elite who hoard trillions of money, like so many Ebeneezers. It will do them no good in the end because they can't eat it.…

By toomuchrose


Almost ready...…

By Cezar