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Toshiba Portege z20t-C e Linux (parte 2)

C'era davvero il bisogno di una parte due? A quanto pare sì! Tutto è cominciato dopo due giorni dalla pubblicazione dell'articolo precedente in quanto Mint Cinnamon 21.3 è un po' troppo overkill per quel PC, le…

By vaporhyde

Understanding the Disparity in UX Designer Salaries Across Different Sectors

User Experience (UX) design has become an indispensable aspect of product development in the digital age. As businesses strive to create intuitive and engaging customer experiences, the demand for skilled UX designers…

By jacquiwrites

QuickBooks Frozen on Remote Desktop

Are you frustrated with your QuickBooks freezing on a remote desktop? Don't worry, you're not alone. Many businesses rely on QuickBooks for their accounting needs, and a frozen program can cause delays and disrupt…

By davidadam1110

La légendaire Renault 5 fait son retour avec une motorisation électrique et l'intégration du navigateur Vivaldi

La nouvelle voiture électrique de Renault, la fameuse R5 est le dernier véhicule dans lequel on pourra trouver Vivaldi préinstallé. Précédemment, nous avions pu faire savoir que les Renault Megane E-Tech Electrique…

By ra-mon

Toshiba Portege z20t-C e Linux

Non molto tempo fa mi capitò sott'occhio un annuncio su ebay, trattasi di un Notebook, anzi, di un Ultrabook convertibile datato 2017 (nella sua revisione USB C, nel 2016 si trovava già la versione dotata di porta USB…

By vaporhyde

Mastering the Art of Essays: How Essay Writing Services Can Elevate Your Grades

Essay writing is an integral part of academic life, demanding not only creativity but also meticulous attention to detail. As students strive for academic excellence, they often encounter challenges in managing multiple…

By michaelhaydon

Broken Windows Updates

Photo by Ivan Vranić… on Unsplash

By Yngve

Optimizing Images for the Web

Images are an essential part of any website but can also be a major source of performance problems. If you don't optimize images for the web, they can slow down your website and make it difficult for users to view your…

By elastoplastique

Vivaldi llegó a los Spaces en X (Twitter)

Vivaldi (V)… es un navegador de origen noruego con una base de empleados y usuarios (comunidad) en distintas latitudes del planeta.

By yoditar

Cryptography: Fundamentals and Applications

Secure data communication has been a fundamental concern in our digital era, where sensitive information is constantly transmitted over the internet and other electronic means. Cryptography, a science that dates back to…

By felipecarvalho

Vivaldi: Мы не хотим, чтобы машины вас обманывали

Всеобщее помешательство нейросетями и искусственным интеллектом не обошло стороной и браузеры, однако разработчики Vivaldi уверены, что в на данном этапе большие языковые модели вряд ли готовы к тому, чтобы добавлять…

By Alex Semёnov

Best Gaming Browsers: Top Picks for Gamers

If you are a gamer, you know how important it is to have a fast, smooth, and reliable browser that can handle your favorite games without lagging, crashing, or draining your battery. But with so many browsers available,…

By oliviaames