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Word og macOs

Sidder lige og læser, at der under eksamen har været problemer med at køre Word på Mac computer, og så er min umiddelbare reaktion: Hvorfor pokker er det, at man vælger at køre Microsoft programmer på en Apple…

By nesega

From Robert Malone

What the CIA was doing in Ukraine ust to recap why you may (or may not) care about what I have to say about this whole situation, and to establish my relevant bona…

By weatherlawyer

Cosa è stato ICQ (anche per chi non c'era)

Essere in rete da un po' di tempo significa spesso ritrovarsi a scrivere mesti messaggi di commiato per ciò che fu. È un esercizio di solitudine consapevole di chi sa di attraversare temi ignoti alle nuove generazioni…

By hydor

「第31回 東村山 市民文化のつどい」

2024/6/1、東村山市立中央公民館、3階ホールにて開催されるイベントに当楽団も参加いたします。 お時間ございましたら、ぜひお誘い合わせの上おいで頂けましたら幸いです。…

By hccb

ETFs Notes 202405026

The 10 biggest large-cap ETFs Key Takeaways:…

By oenggun

How to get a free domain email

Today you can get a free domain email easily. You need 3 steps as follows.…

By fenghe

May 26, 24

The Trumpet by Bill Burns:…

By blessing14

Hastighedsmålinger på min internetforbindelse hos Løgstørnet


By nesega

How to disable sasl auth on port 25

port 25 is for smtp communication between MTAs. It should not have SASL auth enabled on this port. In postfix, we have to changes two files to implement this.…

By fenghe

May 26

Romans 8:38-39 Paul wrote, “I am convinced that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor rulers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor powers, 39 nor height, nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be…

By theophan

Always Good To Get A Second Opinion

Bear in mind that I never got to bed until gone 4 am this night. At dawn, that was. It is so early the second opinion from the only person who knows what I am talking about will have to wait as I get a shower. Time to…

By weatherlawyer

Svar på mail med tilknyttet foto på en iPad

Hvis du vil svare på en mail og tilknytte et billede fra dit fotobibliotek skal du: Åbne den mail, som du vil svare på. og skriv evt. besked.…

By nesega