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Making my first pizza from scratch

Lately, I have been trying to build my cooking skills. I recently found a YouTube channel run by a home cooking chef named Ethan Chlebowski that features approachable and very tasty recipes. It's also nice that Ethan…

By pcannon


ホンモノの食事、ニセモノの食事を見分ける 表面しか入っていないサンドイッチもどき…

By harukayanase

A Day of Rest and Relaxation in Avignon

After four weeks of travel we decided we owed ourselves a day of doing nothing. Today was that day, so today's post is simply a little of this and a little of that, but nothing to do with travel.…

By robrose

Die Lehren aus den letzten Jahren

Du liebe Zeit, was ist in den letzten drei Jahren in meinem Leben alles passiert? Und nicht nur in meinem, nein, was ist generell in der Welt geschehen? Was ist jedem Einzelnen geschehen? Es ist schier unglaublich,…

By lutzlapalma

How to get your first Michelin star

A Michelin star is a prestigious award given to a restaurant by the Michelin Guide. The Guide awards restaurants one to three stars, which is considered the highest recognition in the culinary world. The number of stars…

By ecomatt

Canal du Midi - The Lost Photo -Moules et Frites

I did take a photo of my meal of Moules et Frites, so here it is.

By robrose

Strasbourg - A Traditional Lunch

A beautiful day, a beautiful girl and a very nice setting and a wonderful meal. As good as it gets.…

By robrose

Guided Strasbourg Traditional Food Tour

One of the first things we like to do when in a new city is to take a food tour. We were originally scheduled for a tour stating at 10:45 this morning but the guide could not do it, so they offered to do an evening tour…

By robrose

Labeling Our Bottles of Homemade Wine

I design the labels for our wine, print them on our color laser printer using waterproof paper and attach them to the filled bottles. This type of glue stick works great if the entire back of the label is covered with…

By robrose

Winemaking Equipment

Two pieces of equipment that make like easier for the home winemaker, a bottle tree and floor corker. We bottle 200 plus bottles a year and the floor corker is worth its proverbial weight in gold. On the days we bottle…

By robrose

Bagging Our Own Wine

Just finished bagging a batch of Island Mist Coconut Yuzu that my wife loves. We ended up with three 3 liter bags, two five liter bag and two 1.5 liter bottles from the kit. We always leave the bags on the floor for a…

By robrose

Comfort Food

A tortilla, lean smoked turkey lunchmeat, sautéed sweet onions, quesadilla cheese and spicy mustard, all grilled to perfection. My wife is trying to use up as much food in the refrigerator as she can. It has literally…

By robrose