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inch resting 📏💤

i am now a proud blogger 🎉 government house somewhere in north carolina i dont remember…

By macimas

5 Ways To Use The Leftover Pulp After Juicing

If you’re pressed for time or simply want a hassle-free method to put your leftover juicing pulp to use, go with a smoothie. All you need to do is drop the pulp into a blender with a little ice, fruits and the liquid of…

By roaddawg66

The Art of Blending - How to Combine Fruits and Vegetables for the Perfect Juice

Are you looking to boost your health and energy levels? If so, you may want to explore the art of blending fruits and vegetables to create the perfect juice. Juicing has become increasingly popular in recent years, as…

By roaddawg66

Manhãs do sul do mundo

"Um sabiá no seu galho, uma gota de orvalho, um gritar de tarrã, que me importa o sereno se meu mundo é pequeno, tenho a terna manhã..." "... tenho um raio de sol, tenho um riso guri, não me falta mais nada nesta calma…

By nyl

Oggi è stata una grande giornata, Mi sono fatto la Ragazza.

Prima ancora di prefiggersi un obiettivo, ed è sempre meglio prefiggersi prima un obiettivo, bisogna sapere e punto uno il potenziale trend (di crescita), e se si vuole estendere il proprio Pubblico, punto due i fattori…

By montry12


BIOCHEMICAL EFFECTS OF VITAMIN B6 DEFICIENCY. (1954). Nutrition Reviews, 12(6), 186–187.…

By mitnak

Czerona kapusta ze śliwkami

4-5 wędzonych śliwek (kwaśne) pociąć na paseczki (prosty sposób na wyszukanie resztek pestek), zalać 100cm³ wody i zagotować.Wodę posolić, wrzucić do niej poszatkowaną ¼ główki czerwonej kapusty, pieprz, mielony kminek,…

By viola

Candid Cooking

Cook Food for Nutrition. Not for Taste. Cook Smart !…

By dact

Natural Fitness

Steroids and Harmones should not be used to enhance physique or improve sports abilities. These will impact your midage and oldage life by seriously damaging your organs and immune system.…

By dact

We Eat More Than We Think We Do

A weeks worth of groceries so where does it all go? Maybe in the mouth and out to the sewer system? Perhaps it isn't our metabolism that decreases, but rather that our consumption increases!

By robrose

Once In A While I Do Something Right

Happy wife. We very seldom if ever eat at restaurants in the States since we eat out all the time whenever we travel overseas. She really liked my suggestion we stop at her favorite restaurant in town when we were out…

By robrose