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Back when Radios looked like Robots

The Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co., commonly know as Toshiba, made a lot of consumer electronics since it's beginnings in 1939. One thing that the Japanese knew was design. They incorporated the design cues trending at the…


M4 - One ugly Star Trek robot

In the 1969 episode "Requiem for Methuselah", the crew of the Enterprise is struck with Rigellian fever, for which the only treatment is the mineral Ryetalyn. Kirk, Spock and Dr. McCoy beam down to the planet Holberg…


I made something in Illustrator quickly! Waaaw. Not that it’s good. Also, I revised that fucking essay a bit.…

By David Blue

Gone off the proverbial wagon and got way too into making these all throughout last night… I think they’re gonna make cute icons, though.

By David Blue

I Make a Case for Writing My Blog on Vivaldi

I just read a book by Glenn Reynolds, "The Social Media Upheaveal". He says that we are deep reading less, and learning from headlines more. He also says that many of us share on social media articles that we have not…

By fjcasella

В поисках идеального браузера... Часть 1: UI/UX

Что нужно вашему браузеру, чтобы вы могли назвать его идеальным? Боковая панель для мобильных сайтов а-ля в Vivaldi? Параллельный просмотр для работы с несколькими сайтами одновременно или всплывающие видео, чтобы не…

By Alex Semёnov

Looking for the perfect browser... Part 1. UI/UX

What does your browser need to be perfect? Sidebar for mobile websites like on Vivaldi? Split screen to work with several websites like on Maxthon? Pop-out video to save your time on YouTube? What else? Even if you…

By Alex Semёnov