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Vote for your favorite Vivaldi features!

Hi all! Thank you for using Vivaldi, and this time let's do something fun together: vote for your favorite Vivaldi features!…

By takaaki

Gone fishing.... The boring market report August 5th 2020

I have plenty of subjects to discuss in September and later. I want to spend three weeks far from Internet, the worldly (bad) news, ... I will monitor my open positions, but not much more. I will not validate the…

By Dragon Trader

What is Dignity?

Dignity is said to be the right of a person to be valued and respected for their own sake, and to be treated ethically with inherent nobility and worth. Said another way, then, is dignity the quality or state of being…

By fjcasella

Purpuricenus budensis

Purpuricenus budensis…, Cerambycidae

By Mountain biodiversity

Finished the Base

Not much different from the last post, but a bit closer to completion. Well, after a lot of tweaking, I think the base is pretty much done. I added the fill cap, the wick, and a small adjustment knob for the wick…

By matthew.cherry

Cullen Skink Recipe - Traditional Scots Soup

While on a recent holiday up to the north of Scotland, I tried Cullen Skink. It was delicious, so I tried my hand at cooking some myself. It is a thick fishy creamy soup according to a traditional scottish recipe. Mine…

By lonm

The fault of the ignorant

Does evil do who sins without having the knowledge that he is sinning? Can we blame to those who act against reason, but not knowing this truth beforehand?…

By nicolasnn

Getting around my part of the world

Transport can be a problem halfway up a mountain. Before the industrial revolution, you walked. Or if wealthy enough, you owned a horse. If a farmer, you might have a horse and cart. It was normal to walk three or four…

By johnbyde

Writing About Facebook Is Overwhelming

I've spent the past six weeks or so writing about Facebook, which is something I've wanted to do for a long time. As of right now, I've just hit 12,000 words, which - as my friend CJ Eller pointed out on Discord - is…

By David Blue

Visiting The Black Isle

I have translated this article into Japanese / 日本語….

By lonm

The Key to Networking

Photo: 'Networking' - Copyright 2020 Frank J Casella…

By fjcasella

Next step in human evolution

The humankind evolved. We evolved from the past when we were just a single cell till now, a time when we are a civilized animals with liberty use of reason and consciousness of ourselves acts.…

By nicolasnn