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The fault of the ignorant

Does evil do who sins without having the knowledge that he is sinning? Can we blame to those who act against reason, but not knowing this truth beforehand?…

By nicolasnn

Getting around my part of the world

Transport can be a problem halfway up a mountain. Before the industrial revolution, you walked. Or if wealthy enough, you owned a horse. If a farmer, you might have a horse and cart. It was normal to walk three or four…

By johnbyde

Writing About Facebook Is Overwhelming

I've spent the past six weeks or so writing about Facebook, which is something I've wanted to do for a long time. As of right now, I've just hit 12,000 words, which - as my friend CJ Eller pointed out on Discord - is…

By David Blue

Visiting The Black Isle

I have translated this article into Japanese / 日本語….

By lonm

The Key to Networking

Photo: 'Networking' - Copyright 2020 Frank J Casella…

By fjcasella

Next step in human evolution

The humankind evolved. We evolved from the past when we were just a single cell till now, a time when we are a civilized animals with liberty use of reason and consciousness of ourselves acts.…

By nicolasnn

Lucifer Season 5

Well, I am one of the big fans of this series. So it is but obvious that I was waiting for this trailer and update for so long.…

By Xeeshan Mengal

Parler is back, setting a high standard for Social Media

After a divisive political attack by alt-left progressive corporations like Apple, Google and Amazon which looked like had killed the Parler Social Media Platform, Parler bounced back, better than before. Lot's has been…

By rdreammaker


I have been aboard my narrow boat, Miss Amelia, for nearly a month. I am safely moored, quite remotely tucked away in fact, somewhere on the Midlands canal system. I have stowed many of my belongings into the limited…

By steveredshaw

Questions on Buddhism

How did the religion begin?Buddhism began about 2,600 years ago when an Indian prince saw four signs that made him think deeply about the meaning and purpose of life. He saw an old man, a sick man, a dead man, and a…

By pesala

Working Remotely: Tips from a Veteran

I have a total of eight years experience as a remote worker. I began my remote working career as a life coach for a distance learning startup before pivoting into a career as a software engineer which I was able to take…

By tradesmanhelix

Tesla is Defining the Future

Ignore the FUD… • • • • • • • • • • • •

By pesala