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Tesla is Defining the Future

Ignore the FUD… • • • • • • • • • • • •

By pesala

Alice's Dream

Alice shuffled painfully across to the window and drew back the grubby lace curtain. Her 2nd floor flat, her perch as she liked to call it, overlooked the residents’ car park, and a little further on, the playground.…

By steveredshaw

PlayStation 4 gaming voyage

I’m not saying that some games can’t be finished but it’s hard to get honest review how hard is the game. After two years of playing on PS4 i must say that two games stand out and that’s Detroit: Become Human and…

By ipristy

My tale of wheels

The first four-wheeled love affairs are always special. In 1995, I got a 1985 Volkswagen Golf. I purchased that car from my father. I was 27 years old. Although I had my driver’s license for 10 years, I never felt the…

By Jon von Tetzchner

Is Google holding you back ? Many people online are trapped inside the Googlenet, trapped by the weighted, personalised and censored list. Mostly they are trapped by using the word "Google" instead of "Search", and from not…

By Dr.Flay™

My experience with Windows 10 S

During a recent trip, I did something I do not do often. I left my computer behind. I was driving to the mountains and the intent was to return the same day. But the trip got prolonged. I needed to get online, and I…

By Jon von Tetzchner